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Portrait Painting Commission Procedure

Commission a portrait painting can be a moving experience and Mark’s goal is bring into being a lasting work of fine art that is to your satisfaction. Mark enjoys painting in a traditional classic portrait style using oil paints and pastel crayons. Portrait painting is one of the most rewarding art forms, for it captures the likeness as well as the personality and soul of the person, while still creating a wonderful piece of art and becoming a treasured heirloom for generations to come.
Commission Portrait PaintingIt takes hard work and inspiration in creating a good quality painted portrait. And in truth, the portrait brings joy to the human heart and that is, precious fruit which resists the erosion of time. A portrait can unite generations and enables them to be one in appreciation! 
The original portrait painting is collaboration between the persons and Mark, to capture a moment in time, where it can touch a kind of inner illumination, which brings together the sense of the good and the beautiful.
Mark’s first meeting is with the persons in the portrait and the location can be in the home or at the artist’s studio.  Discussion is carried on in a relaxed manner about the expectations for the portrait Commission Portrait Paintingand together with client to arrive at the best approach for an effective painting.  The actual start of the portrait usually is the next day and requires about three hours of the subject’s time. At this session Mark takes the necessary photographs for reference and decides on the direction of content of the portrait and as well to attain the correct realistic look for all involved.
A small oil study is prepared for the composition and color, a charcoal sketch for likeness and if needed a sketch for a size. These become the tools for further discussion, with the artist receiving the client’s suggestions and approval to begin the portrait.
Returning to his Minneapolis studio, the portrait painting begins it's life and pigments now takes shape on sketch board.  As the painting unfolds, the reference photos and sketches act as a guide. It’s intent of the artist to portray an excellent likeness and convey the personality and spirit of the person. When the portrait is almost finished, usually within three to six months, he returns to the clients for a final sitting.  The portrait is completed when all agree and are satisfied with the completed portrait.  Mark is happy to assist and offer ideas with framing options for the newly painted portrait.


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Welcome to the official website of professional portrait painter Mark Sanislo.

Mark enjoys painting in traditional classic portraits in oil and pastel. Portrait painting is one of the most rewarding art forms, for it captures the physical likeness as well as the personality and soul of the person, while still creating a wonderful piece of art.

From live sittings, photographs and charcoal sketches, Mark is able to portray a realism in the portraiture.  Paintings can be produced by the artist from a photographic likeness or from a live sitting in your own surroundings.

Beautiful Pastels portraits and hand painted Oil portraits of babies, children, toddlers, families, and weddings, anniversaries and more.

The portraits are beautifully crafted museum quality oil portraiture that captures the character of his people in a classical realist style. Commission an Oil Portrait Painting for Individuals, Group Portraitures and Official business portraits.


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